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My name is Jessica Adams and I am a Bodysex Facilitator, trained in the Betty Dodson method. I am married and have three children. We are currently living in Austria, though we spend every possible moment in our second home by the Atlantic Ocean, in Cape Town, South Africa.

The work that I am doing started out with a very personal journey of me trying to find out more about my own sexuality and orgasm. As a working mother of three, life is always busy and it is easy to let passion and sex move out of it. I noticed that I was not satisfied with many things I had accepted in the past and admitted that I didn't really know what it was I wanted. I didn't quite know my body well enough for that. It was when I came across goop lab on Netflix that I finally had hope. Hope that things could change for me sexually. I signed up for my first Virtual Bodysex Course within a week and before I knew it, I not only got to actually know my vulva, but I knew how to orgasm. With myself, but also in partner sex. This changed everything for me and I soon realized that there was no way to not share what I had discovered.

When I signed up for the Bodysex Facilitator Training, I was not very sure I would reach the point of doing what I am doing now. It was the support of my Bodysex Sisters, a well guided process of learning and growing, and many hours of self-love and self-care that brought me here.

After many years of employment in the education sector and a very brief encounter with the advertising world, I have now dedicated my time to Bodysex and am doing further studies in the field of sex counseling. This, I believe, is my calling.

About Isca Rosa

When looking for the right name for my business, I was looking at the women in my life and ended up at my name: Jessica Rosalia.

My first name – Jessica – was discovered on a postcard by my teenage mother when she was pregnant. To this day I don't know much about the woman who sort of gave me my name. All I can say is that the postcard she signed came from Prague, after my grandpa had spent some time there. Unfortunately, he does not remember who she was (or so he says). Maybe I will find out one day.

My second name – Rosalia – was my great-grandmother's name. I was fortunate enough to still meet and get to know this very unique woman, born in 1901. She was incredibly hard working, testing limits and boundaries where her circumstances allowed and she definitely loved me wholeheartedly. When I was little, people used to make fun of me, because of this name. Today I carry it with a lot of pride, for I know of the power that comes from those before us.

We then started playing around and doing a bit of research on where the names come from.

The oldest mention of the name Jessica is in Shakespeare's play The Merchant of Venice and derives from the name Isca, also mentioned in the Bible (a twist I kind of like ;)).

Rosalia is a name of Latin origin, meaning rose, and was closely linked to a festival of roses, celebrated in the Roman Empire.

ISCAROSA – for those who came before me and will forever be a part of my story.

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